Shopify Plus vs Magento Commerce: Which Platform to Choose

Having troubles choosing between Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce? Which ecommerce platform is a better choice for your business? Read this article and find out!

Having a scalable, successful, and a streamlined ecommerce platform is an important part of the online retail today. If your online business has been let down by an ecommerce solution before, you will know the troubles this can bring. It can be devastating for both you and your customers.
You need an ecommerce platform that performs well, deliver across all fronts, and meet your business needs.
Two examples of great ecommerce solutions are Shopify Plus and Magento. Even though they are different in terms of what they offer, both solutions have carved a popularity and reputation in the retail business industry. Both platforms are perfectly capable of meeting the needs of small and large businesses allowing them to grow in today’s competitive ecommerce space.

If you are having troubles choosing between Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce, don’t worry as you are not the only one. Before you make your final choice, there are a few things to consider.

With choosing a new ecommerce platform comes a certain investment so it is important to consider a few key points. Ask yourself these questions – Does the ecommerce platform fulfill your needs and requirements and offer chances for development and growth? Is there a powerful developer community? Are there any skills available? What does the platform security features look like? Are there any risks you need to be aware of like an online seller? All of these questions should be taken into consideration before making the final choice.

Shopify Plus is a highly customizable and scalable ecommerce solution that allows merchants to expand their online businesses. The users can automate campaigns, customize the storefront, add products, update the product selection, and other things without using codes. This is what makes Shopify Plus popular and accessible to a wide number of people. Shopify Plus is suitable for B2C companies. It is also a great solution for high-growth businesses that require the ability and flexibility to scale and meet current demands.

Magento Commerce is a highly flexible ecommerce solution that allows companies to create a convenient shopping experience. 

The platform supports third-party integrations and allows users to craft their ecommerce offering according to their customer requirements, end goals, and their brand. The platform supports experimentation with various business models, quick decision making, and etc. It helps business owners gain a better understanding of their business. Magento is a popular choice for both types – B2B and B2C businesses. It is ideal for businesses with over $1 million in revenue and with a desire to invest more in their ecommerce offering. If you try to compare Shopify Plus vs Magento Commerce, there are a few things you need to know about. Magento Commerce, for example, has more products options for users to choose from (downloadable products, simple products, bundled products, configurable products, and etc.). Shopify has two types of products and that is what makes this solution more suitable for standard product catalogs.

Magento has a multi-store feature and this is excellent for larger businesses and companies. It helps you take care, monitor, and control numerous brands from one interface. Shopify Plus also has this feature, however, it is a little bit complicated than the multi-store architecture of Magento Commerce.
Both ecommerce platforms are powerful on the mobile front.

So, which ecommerce solution is better for your business? This decision shouldn’t be rushed. You need to base your final decision with your strategy and business goals.

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